Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tire change in Philippines

Living in Angeles City, Philippines is a lot different than living in the US.  There are many things that you don't think of or imagine would be different anywhere else in the world, but you are wrong. LOL.  Here is an example.
Last week my partner Brian and I went to get new tires put on our Explorer.  We followed our friend down to a local tire shop owned by a friend of his family.  There were 3 small rooms with kinda like a garage layout, but no place to pull the car into.  We pulled off the road with no room between us and the speeding rush hour traffic.
After looking around and checking out the 5 types of tires they had in stock that fit our rims, we decided on which ones we liked and paid them.  A few seconds later, I look up and there are no tires on our car and it is jacked up manually right where we had parked.  They didn't use hydraulics jacks or air compressors or anything.  Just man power and tools.
It was the fastest tire change I have ever seen in my life.  Those guys rocked.

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