Saturday, August 29, 2015

Earn Money While Shopping With Ibotta

A friend of mine introduced me to the app called Ibotta.  She said you really earn money while shopping for things you normally buy like milk, eggs, veggies, or even clothing.  I was very skeptical and ended up downloading the app onto my phone.  After toying around with it for a while, I realized it really was legit.  This is a great way for me to earn extra money.  As many of you know, I am a traveler and never know where I will end up at any given time.  This app travels with me and don't require me to carry paper coupons.  I love it.  It also links in with my frequent shopper cards from many of the stores I frequent.

Once you download the program and create a login, you just need to browse the available rebates either by category or specific store.  Some of the Categories and Stores I have listed below.  You click on the item you wish to buy, watch a short 10 to 30 second video, view a recipe, or answer a few questions about a product to unlock the rebate.  It is as simple as that.  At this time, the rebate will be added to your Shopping List.

They have mostly name brand items on their rebate list but there are a lot of product types that they refer to as Any Brand Rebates.  They consist of onions, milk, eggs, tomatoes, bread, frozen pizza, frozen veggies, and  ice cream just to name a few.  I have also noticed that these rebates pop up on a weekly or bi weekly basis to use.  So just because you use it once, don't mean it will not come up available again.

Once you go shopping and buy the items on your shopping list, you just scan their UPC code and scan or take a picture of your receipt and CHING!  You just made free money.  Who doesn't like free money?  EXACTLY!

You can also join Teams if you are invited to join like with this link here I provided.  This will allow you to join my team.  Then we get extra money for being on teams.  It is a win win.
Once you earn enough money in your rebates, you can either cash out, send to paypal, or get gift cards from a huge selection of participating businesses.

The categories you can pick from are Back to School, Grocery, Apparel, Beauty & Wellness, Electronics, Restaurants, Sports & Fitness, Home & Office, Babies & Kids, Arts & Crafts, Pets, Specialty & Gifts, Automotive, Travel, Beer, Wine & Spirits.  Some of the specific stores  are American Eagle, Famous Footwear,  Walmart, Kroger, Target, CVS, Food Lion, Family Dollar, Sam's Club, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Whole Foods, Circle K, Speedway, Express, Orbits, Macy's, Kohl's, and Hoppy Lobby just to name a few.

As you can see, you are more than likely buying the items required to receive the rebate.   So what are you waiting for?  Click the link below and join my team.  Lets both earn money together

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Embed A Facebook Feed Into A Website

So in a past blog, I wrote Tip 12: Embed A Twitter Feed Into A Website and was asked if there was a way to embed Facebook into a website as well.  Facebook provides you with all the tools you need to do this.

If there is any way to embed any of your social media feeds into your website or blog, I would recommend doing so.  This way you have constant changing information appearing on your site without having to hand enter it each time or even knowing how to code.  With that said, lets get started.

The 7 simple steps to add a facebook feed to your site. 

  • Go to Facebook Developer Plugin Page
    Click here

  • Copy/Paste or Type the Facebook Page Website Address 
    in the box that is labeled Facebook Page URL.

  • Pick the Settings You Desire for Your Plugin
    Add width, height, show friends faces, hide cover photo, and show page posts.  You will be able to see what the end result of your options will look like on the bottom of the page.  (Just a note, for the width and height I use percentages instead of pixels to make it more mobile responsive.)

  • Click the "Get Code" button
    The code you just created will pop up.

  • Copy the Code from Section 1
    This code should be placed at the top of the desired page.  Facebook developers recommend to place it directly after the <body> tag.  It is the Javascript SDK coding that is needed for the plugin to function.

  • Copy the Code from Section 2
    This code should be placed where ever on the page you wish the Facebook Plugin itself to appear.

  • Save your New Code to Your Site
    After adding your new code to your site where you want it, save it and upload it if necessary.


  • If you are looking for just adding the "Like" or "Share" buttons to your site, check back at a later date.

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    Friday, August 21, 2015

    Just Beet It

    I have ate beets for years and really was an acquired taste for me.  As a kid, I thought beets were only able to be consumed when pickled.  I didn't like them at all.  It wasn't until later in life when I had a roasted beet and enjoyed it.  Then it wasn't until my travels abroad that I found out that you could eat the beet green as well.

    Brief History

    The beet originated in prehistoric times and grew wild along the coastlines of Asia, Europe, and North Africa. Back then, only the beet greens or tops were consumed. Ancient Romans were the first peoples to cultivate and consume the beet root itself. Invading tribes of Rome were the ones responsible of spreading beets through northern Europe and then introducing them to the rest of the world.
    Picture from

    Beets or sugar beets are very sweet and contain the highest sugar content of all vegetables. Both their root and greens (aka tops) are good for human consumption and are packed with nutrients. Please note that beets aren't just the plain Jane red ball that most people picture when they hear the word. Beet farmers have developed many different varieties including gold or yellow or candy cane.Besides tasting great, eating beets and their greens can benefit the body.


  • Detoxify and cleanse the body.
    Beets contain betalin pigments that aid in breaking down other toxins bound to other molecules so they can be excreted from the body. In laymen's terms they work as a purifier for the blood and liver.
  • Contain natural beta carotene.
    Beta carotene helps prevent lung cancer and age related blindness called cataracts.  The powerful phytonutrients that give beets their deep red color may help prevent various forms of cancer.
  • Can be used to test stomach acid.
    If you eat a lot of beets, your pee will turn pink or red if you have low stomach acid.
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals.
    Beets are high in immune-boosting vitamin C which can help prevent asthma symptoms.  fiber, and essential minerals like potassium which are essential for healthy nerve and muscle function. They contain manganese which is good for your liver, bones, kidneys, and pancreas. Beets also contain the B vitamin folate, which helps reduce the risk of birth defects.
  • Fight inflammation.
    Beets are one of the few sources of betaine, a nutreint that protects cells, enzymes, and proteins from environmental stress. It is also fights inflamation, improves vascular risk factors, protects internal organs, enhances performance, and helps prevents numerous chronic diseases.

  • Nature's Viagra.
    Since Romans were the first to eat the beet root, they found it to be natures aphrodisiac. They contain high amounts of boron, which is directly effects the production of sex hormones in humans. It will boost your libido, increased fertility, sperm mobility, and a reduction in frigidity in the bedroom.

  • Help extend endurance and improve performance.
    Beets contain nitric oxide is a powerful vasodilator and is commonly used in supplements to give bodybuilders to help with endurance. It increases performance it is involved in increasing blood flow to the muscles, which makes it easier for you to produce energy. It also maintains blood pressure and controls muscle contraction.
  • Lower blood pressure.
    Beets contain nitrates naturally and its juice may lower blood pressure in just a few hours. It lowers systolic blood pressure by an average of 4 to 5 points. Nitric oxide, in turn, helps to relax and dilate your blood vessels, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.
  • Beets are a high source of energy.
    At the same time they are low in calories and high in sugar (although the sugar is released into your system gradually, as opposed to chocolate). Very few foods found in the natural world are as beneficial as beets in this regard. Beets are a wonderful addition to any dietary need. With their high volume of nutrients, delicious taste, and multitude of uses, anyone can jump right into beets without missing a beat.
  • Beets help your mental health.
    Beets contain betaine, the same substance that is used in certain treatments of depression. It also contains trytophan, which relaxes the mind and creates a sense of well-being, similar to chocolate. Beets can also lower your blood pressure. So if you’re already steamed about not eating beets, you can get a two-fer by diving into them right away.
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    Wednesday, August 19, 2015

    Embed A Twitter Feed Into A Website

    I recently was asked to embed a Twitter feed into a clients website.  After I launched the site, I was asked how I did this.  So instead of just emailing that one person and letting him know, I thought I would write a blog about it.  This way many people could benefit from the information as well.

    Please note that you do not just have to post a specific Twitter feed on your site. During this process, I found out that you can also embed Favorites, Search Words, Lists, or Collections from any given account.

    Embedding a Twitter feed and any other social media into a site is a great way to allow non-coding site owners the ability to update sections of their site without having to attempt to edit the website code itself.  This feature is also immediate with no delay in data or news getting to the feed.  I would encourage any website owner to do this.  I will also blog about how to do this with other forms of social media as well at a later date and time.  Keep checking back often.  Or if you wish to see one sooner than later, email me.

    The 8 simple steps below will allow you to embed a twitter feed into a website with ease.
    1. Sign into a Twitter account, please note it doesn't have to be the account you wish to embed into your site.
    2. Go click on your avatar up in the right corner and then go down to Settings.
    3. Once you are in your Settings, go click on Widgets.
    4. Click on the Create New button.
    5. Type the Twitter Username you are wishing to embed in the top line.
    6. Click through the Options you wish to show and then customize some of the design by defining the Height, Theme, and Link Color.
    7. Click the Create Widget button.
    8. Copy & paste this code to your website.

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    Monday, August 17, 2015

    Grocery Shopping in the Philippines

    Security guard in official uniform outside SM Mall. 
    When you are in a place long enough while traveling, you are going to have to venture out to get groceries at some point. You are going to have to pick up supplies and groceries or other food stuffs just as the locals do.  Living in Angeles City, Philippines this holds true as well.

    Here there are little one room stalls or open markets all along the streets that you can visit if you like, but I am referring to the full blown action of the grocery store.  Most of the larger grocery store chains here are located in malls or bigger shopping centers.

    Fish looking at me from Fish counter.
    When you enter these grocery stores, you will have to go past security men/women that will more than likely check you with a metal detector or pat you down.  This is completely normal for this area of the world.  You will know the official security folks by their unique white and black uniforms (shown above).   

    All of the markets in Asia will have a certain smell that just can't be described.  Soon as you step foot inside the doors, you can smell the distinct smell.  It is a mixture of fresh fish, seafood, poultry, pork, and other meats.  Some people are repulsed by it, but I on the other hand find it very comforting.  You will also get hints of durian and other asian fruits and veggies that are a bit out of the ordinary.  If you are unfamiliar with the durian fruit, you can read about the King of Fruits in my blog by clicking here.   This scent is so enticing to me, when I am in the United States, I seek out Asian Markets to shop in.  It takes me back to my homes I have had abroad.
    Packets of mayo with jars sold below.

    Here in the Philippines, there are many ways to buy a certain product.  You can purchase a regular size jar of an item lets say mayonnaise.  Or you can a full sized packed of mayonnaise to refill your previous jar with.  Or you can pick up single-serving packets of the mayonnaise.  These single packets are actually bought up by people and taken to  their road side store or stand in their local village in most cases.  I am just using mayonnaise as an example. Any item for the most part can be purchased like this.  The pinoy (relating to the Philippines or the Filipinos) seem to be a single-serving culture and I love them for that.

    Roadside market showing the individual packets hanging.
    If you are a creature of habit and wish to purchase specific brands that you have grown accustom to, you can find a lot of the same products on army bases, duty free stores, or some stores have a foreign section as well.  Please be aware that these foreign products may be two or three times the cost of what you are use to paying in your home country.

    The Philippines are also really strict when it comes to rules.  They have check out isles that are for certain shopping cart sizes (they refer to them by color and size).  The orange carts are the hand held carts we are use to here in the United States, but they also can have a push cart that holds 2 of these hand held carts which is still makes it okay to check out in the orange cart isle.  They also have a big cart check out and those usually vary in color, but are strictly referred to as Big Cart Isle.  Then last but not least they have a Senior Citizen or Pregnant Isle to check out.  Even if all the Big Cart Isles and the Orange Cart Isles are backed up with 10 or 15 people, they will not allow anyone who isn't a Senior or Pregnant to check out in the Senior or Pregnant Isle.  Crazy but true fact.

    I hope this has helped you or entertained you in some way.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I will be glad to answer them.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
    Senior & Pregnant Isle.

    Big Cart Isle.

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    Thursday, August 13, 2015

    UPDATE A Column With Its Current Value With Addition (SQL)

    This week I ran upon an issue in SQL where I needed to actually do a Google Search to find an answer.  I knew how to do this in Visual Basic.Net (VB.Net), but had no clue how to do it via one single SQL statement which is my preferred method.  I needed to UPDATE A Column with its current value with an additional word added.  The column I was needing to update had multiple options.  Below I will show you 2 ways to complete the same project and you see which one you prefer.

    I could have designed an update for every specific possible outcome and it would have worked just fine, but here lately I try to accomplish something with one perfect query.   Below I will show you both ways that  I am talking about.  You can pick the best one for your project.


    I have a table called tblTable and in that table I have a fields/columns called DocumentType and DateReceived.  I wish to ADD the year to the end of specific DocumentTypes that were received in 2015 for archiving purposes. The DocumentType I wish to archive are Certificate and Report only.
    Table original called tblTable.


    Dog.docEntry 2/5/2015
    Pig.doc Certificate 8/8/2014
    Pony.doc Certificate 5/1/2015

    Table results after the SQL statements below.


    Cow.docCertificate 20151/2/2015
    Dog.docEntry 2/5/2015
    Chicken.docReport 20155/5/2015
    Pig.doc Certificate 8/8/2014
    Pony.doc Certificate 2015 5/1/2015

    The first way would be to do 2 separate update statements that would UPDATE each specific DocumentType with the desired results.

    UPDATE tblScanDocs
    Set DocumentType = 'Report 2015'
    where DocumentType = 'Report' and YEAR(DateReceived) = '2015'


    UPDATE tblScanDocs
    Set DocumentType = 'Certificate 2015'
    where DocumentType = 'Certificate' and YEAR(DateReceived) = '2015'

    The second way (the way I prefer) is to combine both of the above statements into one.

    UPDATE tblScanDocs
    Set DocumentType = DocumentType + ' 2015'
    where DocumentType in ('Certificate' , 'Report')
    and YEAR(Datereceived) = '2015'

    Both ways will give you the desired outcome, but as you can see the second way would be a great time saver if you had quite a few DocumentTypes that needed to be updated.

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    Friday, August 7, 2015

    Aloe Vera Internal Benefits

    During my years of travel to and from Asia, I have developed an acquired taste for a lot of the drinks and foods the different cultures have to offer.

    One of the unique items I can't get enough  of is a nutritional drink known as Aloe Vera Water or Juice.  Aloe vera juice contains leaf pulp that is rich in natural nutrients and fiber. The one that I normally drink is actually flavored with the essence of grapes. It tastes like a bight crisp water with the fibrous pulp from the aloe making it seem most like the inside of a grape itself.  I actually started drinking it before I knew of its beneficial properties.  Below are just a few of aloe's benefits when ingested by way of this nutritional drink.

    Please do not consume aloe vera that isn't made for internal consumption.

    Heart Benefits

    This is the Aloe Vera Water that I usually buy.
    Mostly found in Asian Markets in the US.
    Ingesting aloe vera helps improve the circulation of blood in the body.  It helps fight blood clots in the arteries of the heart and body while reducing fatty deposits.  Aloe helps stop the body's absorption of cholesterol, thus reducing overall cholesterol levels and promoting good health.

    Immune Benefits

    Aloe vera aid the immune system by ridding the body of harmful pathogens and toxins because it contains bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.  It helps the immune system directly by reducing effect of allergies, arthritis, and other inflammatory immune disorders.

    Digestive Benefits

    When ingested, aloe vera contains nutrients that heal and soothe the lining of the digestive tract. Aloe can decrease irritation while aiding in the repair of ulcers in the mouth, stomach, and intestines.  Aloe is an adaptogen that  can increase healthy bacteria that regulate bowel movements, while easing acid reflux.  It also contains a substance called anthraquinone, which is a natural laxative.  Aloe rids the body of bad bacteria while regulating diarrhea and constipation.  Aloe vera juice decreases inflammation in both the stomach and intestines thus helping  in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colitis, and other inflammatory disorders of the stomach.

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