Saturday, March 28, 2015

Skin Whitening Agent Products

Skin whitening is a thing. To be honest, it is a HUGE thing over here in the Philippines. I didn't think stuff like this actually existed except in the rumors about Michael Jackson and such.
At first, I started noticing the older Asian lady's at the gym with really pale faces and necks, but having darker skinned arms and legs. The more I paid attention, the more I because curious as to why. Then finally I ran across some info about the color of skin being a status symbol or a direct reflection of wealth.
As you already know in America, most people like the tanner or darker skin. Having dark skin, makes it appear that the person can afford a vacation in a tropical location or laying in the sun all day instead of being inside working. It's became completely normal for people to get spray tans or visit the tanning bed as often as possible to keep that sun kissed look all year around.
In Asia, however the paler and whiter you are, the better. They associate this with being rich or having a high economic status. Being tan in Asia,is a sign that you're from a poor family or a working family because tan skin is associated with those who have to work outside in the sun all day while those with lighter skin can afford to stay inside and out of the sun.
This way of thinking has lead to many products here in Asia that you really don't see anywhere else in the world. There are skin whitening agents being added to many of the personal hygiene products. You have to be on the look out when you shopping. You can find them in anything from soaps, lotions, baby wash, and even deodorants. I bought some whitening body wash by mistake once, I won't do it again.
I have added a few pics of them below as examples.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

The King Of Fruits.

The King of Fruits aka Durian has edible flesh that tastes like an creamy almond custard. There is one draw back however. I know you are probably thinking that the spikes on it make it hard to get into, but that isn't really a problem. The main issue with this fruit is its smell. It smells like raw sewage. Because of this, it is banned from most hotels and public forms of transportation.

In the US when you buy this delicious fruit, it is only sold frozen and double wrapped. Here in Philippines you can buy this fruit in any store or roadside market. Here it isn't frozen and is found in its natural state. In some cases, it is already cut up and dissected for you to enjoy. It really is something that you will either love or hate.   The funny part is that some means of public transportation in Asia will not allow you to hitch a ride if you are carrying this luscious fruit. Go figure.

I happen to love Durian.  Everyone else I know is sickened by the smell. A few of my brave friends even tried to eat the candy and ice cream made from this gem.  Mostly all of them spit it out immediately and then complained about not being able to get the taste out of their mouth.

My partner Brian hates even the sight of Durian  and since I am a good partner, this little gem stayed in the store today.  Oh well.  I still have some hard candies to enjoy.

Durian Sorbet it is smooth, creamy and so good.    Durian hard candy. It tastes and smells like fresh durian.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tire change in Philippines

Living in Angeles City, Philippines is a lot different than living in the US.  There are many things that you don't think of or imagine would be different anywhere else in the world, but you are wrong. LOL.  Here is an example.
Last week my partner Brian and I went to get new tires put on our Explorer.  We followed our friend down to a local tire shop owned by a friend of his family.  There were 3 small rooms with kinda like a garage layout, but no place to pull the car into.  We pulled off the road with no room between us and the speeding rush hour traffic.
After looking around and checking out the 5 types of tires they had in stock that fit our rims, we decided on which ones we liked and paid them.  A few seconds later, I look up and there are no tires on our car and it is jacked up manually right where we had parked.  They didn't use hydraulics jacks or air compressors or anything.  Just man power and tools.
It was the fastest tire change I have ever seen in my life.  Those guys rocked.

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Blogging is back

I started this blog to allow people to track my adventures in Philippines since i killed my Facebook account.  I will be updating with fun photos and videos.  Keep checking back from time to time.