Friday, August 7, 2015

Aloe Vera Internal Benefits

During my years of travel to and from Asia, I have developed an acquired taste for a lot of the drinks and foods the different cultures have to offer.

One of the unique items I can't get enough  of is a nutritional drink known as Aloe Vera Water or Juice.  Aloe vera juice contains leaf pulp that is rich in natural nutrients and fiber. The one that I normally drink is actually flavored with the essence of grapes. It tastes like a bight crisp water with the fibrous pulp from the aloe making it seem most like the inside of a grape itself.  I actually started drinking it before I knew of its beneficial properties.  Below are just a few of aloe's benefits when ingested by way of this nutritional drink.

Please do not consume aloe vera that isn't made for internal consumption.

Heart Benefits

This is the Aloe Vera Water that I usually buy.
Mostly found in Asian Markets in the US.
Ingesting aloe vera helps improve the circulation of blood in the body.  It helps fight blood clots in the arteries of the heart and body while reducing fatty deposits.  Aloe helps stop the body's absorption of cholesterol, thus reducing overall cholesterol levels and promoting good health.

Immune Benefits

Aloe vera aid the immune system by ridding the body of harmful pathogens and toxins because it contains bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.  It helps the immune system directly by reducing effect of allergies, arthritis, and other inflammatory immune disorders.

Digestive Benefits

When ingested, aloe vera contains nutrients that heal and soothe the lining of the digestive tract. Aloe can decrease irritation while aiding in the repair of ulcers in the mouth, stomach, and intestines.  Aloe is an adaptogen that  can increase healthy bacteria that regulate bowel movements, while easing acid reflux.  It also contains a substance called anthraquinone, which is a natural laxative.  Aloe rids the body of bad bacteria while regulating diarrhea and constipation.  Aloe vera juice decreases inflammation in both the stomach and intestines thus helping  in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colitis, and other inflammatory disorders of the stomach.

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