Thursday, September 3, 2015

Embed Pinterest Feed Into A Website

Once again, I come to you with some knowledge that may help you keeping your website up-to-date with another one of your social media feeds.

 This article will give you the information you need to be able to embed a Pinterest feed directly into a website. This way you have constant changing information appearing on your site without having to hand enter it each time or even knowing how to code. Anytime you can do link social media to a site, I would suggest to do it. With that said, lets get started.
5 Simple Steps To Add A Pinterest Widget To A Site:

  • Go to the Pinterest Widget Builder Page

  • Copy/Paste the Pinterest Page Website Address
    in the box that is labeled Pinterest User URL.

  • Pick Desired Settings
    You can customize with the following feed types: Square, Sidebar, Header, Roll Your Own.

  • Copy/Paste the Code
    This code should be placed where ever on the page you wish the Pinterest Page Website itself to appear.

  • Save your New Code to Your Site
    After adding your new code to your site where you want it, save it and upload it if necessary.

  • Please note, you can also chose to add a specific board to your site or a specific pin. The code to accomplish this is located on this page as well. Just change the options on the side. That might be a later date article as well.

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